creating a new reality

healing wisdom from deepak chopra, m.d.

The great German philosopher Martin Heidegger has said that the threat that hangs over humanity comes from within. It comes because man wills himself against the flow of nature, when he is actually meant to live with it and within it. We have only to point ourselves back to our being, and nature will heal us.

The World of the Heart

The heart expands at the possibility of health, happiness, and love. When we begin to create health and a strong immune system, our mind transforms itself into a higher reality – the world of the heart. At that level of our being, we have all the power we could possibly need to create a new reality – a reality of healing and nurturing.

With each thought we have, we are practicing brain chemistry. Our thoughts – the biochemical events in our brains – are related to certain amino acids called neuropeptides. Wherever a neuropeptide travels in the body, receptors are waiting for it to plug into. Our immune cells are all constantly eavesdropping on the body’s internal dialogue. Both negative and positive thoughts, along with our deepest desires, have corresponding physical reactions in the body.

One part of the body cannot keep secrets from other parts – this is one of the basic laws of physics. What the foot feels, the mind knows; what the mind desires, the body aches for. At every moment, an infinite symphony of interactions and information transmits between each cell in the body. Photo Credit: Loe Moshkovska

Our Thinking Immune System

Immune cells are certainly no exception to this incredible biological conversation; they also are thinking cells. And as our immune system thinks, it has the power to be mired in weakness or strength, bliss or anger, struggle or relaxation, stress or acceptance – all emotions and feelings based on our current modes of perception. We often struggle against the acceptance of what has occurred in nature or what will occur, and in that process, we stir up weaknesses, embrace resentment, and focus on regret. Illness begins the moment that negative mental influences weaken the immune system.

If we remain present in each moment of awareness and welcome that awareness, we transcend the problems of living and the internal dialogue that weakens the immune system. Strength returns and a different world arises: It is the healing and holy world of nature in which strong immunity and quick recovery are a natural state of being.Welcome to – your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

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