get outside and live longer

scientific benefits of nature

Did you know that spending time in nature actually has scientific health benefits? Many of us may work in an office all day or sit at a desk, hunched over a keyboard. After spending hours inside in front of a computer screen, do you ever get that feeling of being completely bogged down, stiff, tense or fatigued?

If long days in the office have you feeling this way, there may just be a natural solution right outside the front door. Studies have shown there are numerous benefits to spending time outdoors in the natural environment. In addition to providing a healthy break in your daily routine, you may experience the following benefits by spending even a few minutes outside:

1. Increased mental energy – Natural beauty is known to produce feelings of awe. These feelings instantly give you a mental boost. Ever witnessed a gorgeous sunset while your feet are touching the sand? Yes….then you know the feeling I mean. Instant chi mover!

2. Decreased stress levels – Studies show that heart rate is decreased and levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are reduced when people are outdoors, compared to being stuck in a city or office environment. Even a few minute break outside during the work day can reduce feelings of stress.

3. Improved concentration – Ever get that feeling that you are falling asleep at your desk or reading the same sentence over and over? Something as simple as getting up and taking a brief walk around the block can provide mental clarity and allow you to focus when you sit back down to work. A burst of fresh air can change your day!

4. Improved mental health – Walks in ‘green’ space are proven to decrease levels of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Walking near open water is also an excellent way to refuel. Let the sound of the waves leave you with a sense of calm.

5. Improved life span – Well you only need to read the above to work this one out!

So, ready to incorporate more outside time in your life? Get yourself out there. Make the most of nature. Take your kids to the beach, ride your bike to work, take a lunchtime stroll around the block… Practice outdoor yoga!

It’s SO easy.

A walk in nature walks the soul back home” Mary Davis.

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