december 10 full moon asana

December 10 Full Moon | 12-10-2011 Full Moon Astrology

To all Full Moon lovers, our meditation for this Full Moon is: ALLOW


On December 10th, the Full Moon is at 18° Gemini. Known as the Storyteller’s Moon, this Full Moon in Gemini also involves:  Uranus and Mercury (more on that in a moment) and Lunar Eclipse

In astrology, eclipses herald change. A line is drawn. Something shifts. Lunar eclipses relate to feminine energy (lunar = female and solar = male). Whatever may change (or perhaps be “eclipsed” from one’s life, depending on the exact placement of this eclipse in one’s personal chart), allow it. 

Allow yourself to participate fully in flow of life. How? By practicing surrender. As Krishna Das says: “Entering into the world of surrender is entering into a world where everything is okay. 


On December 10th, the Full Moon is in Gemini. Traditional body-zodiac correlation for Gemini = shoulders. 

Suggested practices: All poses emphasizing the shoulders are extra potent around the time of this Full Moon in Gemini.

Shoulders-Arms-Hands Extension : Extend arms to the sides (upper body like a letter “T”), and circulate an inhalation throughout both shoulders. Exhale down and out the arms, hands, fingertips. Repeat.

Garudhasana Eagle Pose: I love the upper-body portion of this pose. If your work has you glued to the computer for long hours, then do this pose every hour, on the hour. It’s a great remedy. Swing arms forward. Stack right elbow on top. Bend elbows; raise forearms. Wrap hands (or bring forearms toward one another). Repeat, second side: Left elbow on top. 

Thread the Needle : Begin on hands and knees. Watch this relaxing twist + shoulder opener here.

Shoulder Massage: See your favorite masseuse. Or invite a loved one to trade with you; take turns giving each other a relaxing shoulder rub. Nurturing touch helps us align with the awesome energy of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself to be nurtured. 


Mercury is linked to communication (in astrological circles.) Mercury Retrograde””November 24 to December 13””is known to discombobulate communication… and this retrograde influences Gemini (where Mercury is the ruling planet). Bam!

Everybody, let’s try not to take things too seriously (especially not any communication blunders, not even your own). Simplify. Allow. 

One more thing: Uranus, associated with sudden change and unpredictable outcomes, stations direct (emerges from retrograde) on the day before the Full Moon, December 9th, at 0° Aries. This is the first degree of the entire zodiac””a very powerful point. 

You know what to do: Allow. To recap, we have…

  •  Full Moon : fullness
  •  Lunar Eclipse : changes
  •  Mercury Retrograde : communication discombobulation
  •  Uranus Direct : highly unpredictable outcomes

…all at once!


How to align with this energy? First and foremost, do asana, especially shoulder openers. Then simply let things “roll off your shoulders.” Whatever comes up, respond, yes of course. But keep in mind: This, too, shall pass. Focus on shoulder-opener poses.  After asana practice, gather your peeps and share stories. Tell tales. Have a good laugh. 

Words and stories hold great power to inspire and entertain. Allow yourself to relax and really enjoy this Full Moon in Gemini, the Storyteller’s Moon.


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