color yoga

Color Yoga Therapy

Color Therapy also known as chromotherapy is an alternative medicine method that dates to 500BC. It is known that color affects our moods, emotions and state of mind. Our color choices tell us a lot about our deepest thoughts, feelings and personalities. As Carl Gustav Jung stated “Color is the key to subconscious.” We can understand different things about ourselves through our color choices, our subconscious mind guides us through color. We also communicate different messages, feelings and thoughts to others with our choice of color, in our clothing and homes. 

Color unveils our beauty, talents, and strengths by balancing our energies and sharpening our minds. Color opens us up to our inner world, which leads the way to living a life full of love, happiness and grace. Color helps us understand who we truly are, the talents and abilities we have deep inside of us, and the power we came with to overcome life’s challenges. 

Color can release resentment, fear, anger, frustration, self-pity, depression and the past – encouraging us to take back our power and acknowledge our wisdom. This is one of the main reasons Color and yoga create a brilliant mix. As yoga works the body and challenges the mind, color stimulates the person’s energy.

The aim of the color recipe used in a yoga class is to create the ultimate body spirit experience. The combination of color energies and yoga does just that, it emphasizes the awareness of body and soul; people who attend a Color Yoga classes or a one on one session really feel instantly. 

I do get asked if Color Yoga is the same as Chakra Yoga, and my answer is yes and no; Color Therapy uses colors of the chakras and different colors and every color has a different vibration that targets different emotions, thoughts and parts of the body. Color Yoga looks at these vibrations and combines them with yoga asana in such a way that the practitioner uses all their senses therefore their focus and energy awareness is heightened.

It is a wonderful experience that helps fight daily challenges, gives you an instant pass to the realm of energy even if you were a skeptic in the beginning.

Some of the benefits of Color Yoga: 

• Calming and balancing to the mind and body

• Regulates energy in the body

• Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips

• Lowering of stress levels

• Greater stamina

• Unleashes creativity

• Improves focus 

• Deeper relaxation 

• Great coping with anxiety and stress

• Improves productivity

• Increases joy and production of serotonin. 

To depart

Color makes your daily yoga practice more fun and rewarding, it raises focus and helps with calming the mind and centering the body. Color Yoga with its colorful atmosphere and synchronized asana connects everything together that helps you go deeper into your body soul and mind.

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