how color changed my life and how it will change yours too


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This time last year I was afraid, alone and confused. I wanted to leave the situation I was in but was thinking of everyone else’s reaction and forgetting about what I wanted. I was scared of what people would think of me, how people will put me in a stereo type divorcee box, I was basically thinking of everything that would go wrong and what I couldn’t do; instead of finding solutions to what I needed to do to be happier within myself. When things got harder the universe forced me to look at my happiness and push through.

Fast forward to today, and wow – I’ve come so far. Thank you color. I would like to specifically thank orange, violet and navy blue for where I am today. 

Orange helped me deal with my emotions of pain. You showed me the way to my inner feminine wisdom when I was lost, homeless and scared. Orange you sent me beautiful souls to help give me a home, and gave me strength through the difficult time I was in. Orange, you also taught me that I can love again and find my way back to my heart after pushing myself to be an emotionless wall to survive the crazy rollercoaster of being in a divorce.

Violet you were my protector, you showed me my strength and gave me faith that I am not alone. There is a universe and a loving source behind me, supporting me all the way by giving me miracle after miracle. As I connected with violet my faith and hope grew stronger, even at my darkest moments when I felt everything was just going to fall apart. Violet you gave me hope and showed me that I can make the right choices for myself – I do know what I need for myself. 

Navy blue I hated your appearance in my life. You pushed me so hard and gave me discipline to stay on track with my job hunting, and with waking up every day to look for my happiness in the smallest things. Navy blue you showed me my strength over and over, each time I wanted to give up my decision to stick to my independent life. Each time I thought of running back home to my family to protect me like a little girl.

You forced me to find love in my passions and give them structure. Navy blue you pushed me to do the nitty and gritty – to build the base to my beautiful new life. Thank you for being that harsh teacher we all dislike, but by the end of the semester, we adore.

Colors keep guiding me every day to a better life, to manifesting my dreams. Color changed my life as it became part of my everyday life. When you make color part of your everyday life, learn to sense it and understand how color is guiding you towards your own happiness. You will live a more fruitful life that is YOURS, not anyone else’s.

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