channel g | service through positive media

channel g | service through positive media

Can the new wave of “green” media sweeping the planet be considered as a form of seva, or service to humanity? Channel G certainly believes so. The Los Angeles-based media non-profit highlights the dedicated work of various organizations focused on providing solutions to some of the world’s most challenging environmental, social and health-related issues. From wildlife conservation and ocean preservation, to the protection of indigenous rights and sacred sites, to poverty alleviation and eradication of infectious diseases, Channel G strives to raise both awareness and funding for the growing number of critical concerns cropping up around the globe today. Through the creation of heart-centered, action-inspiring, short-format films, the mission of Channel G is to play a viable role in the healing and transformation of Mother Earth by raising the consciousness of the masses through a new brand of enlightened media.

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Breaking the confines of conventionalism, Channel G infuses a positive force within the mainstream media. The Channel G web site serves as an online media library of documentaries and also acts as a catalyst to help raise monetary support for featured projects. “G Screens” continue to be included at several highly revered festivals and events around the world including the United Nations Film Festival, the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival, Wild and Scenic, Artivist, Jackson Hole, Banff, Vancouver, Taos, and Telluride among many others. 

In June 2007, Channel G hosted a workshop on the integration of yoga and media at The Esalen Bhakti Yoga Retreat. Among the films showcased were Casa de Milagro, Sea Shepard Whales and Red Feather. Casa de Milagro brings to life the touching story of an American woman and her realized dream of opening an orphanage in the sacred valley of Peru. Sea Shepherd Whales takes audiences on the voyage of heroic Captain Paul Watson and his crew of ocean warriors as they struggle to protect endangered humpbacks in the threatened Antarctic whale “sanctuary.” Red Feather sheds light on a project geared at building dignified, traditional housing for Native American elders living under extremely impoverished conditions on reservations across the Western United States. The event was successful in creating awareness for featured causes and illuminating the important function of Channel G.

According to the Esalen Yoga Festival coordinator Amy Hanaughan, “The presence of Channel G’s socially-conscious films added a crucial, relational component to the attendees’ workshop experience. Each film’s solutions-oriented project acted as a blueprint showing viewers how to move from an internal asana practice with intention to a tangible practice of action.”

Given this critical juncture in history, the blending of spiritual practice, communication and action has never seemed more necessary for cultivating the renewal of our planetary home and it’s inhabitants. When responsibly delivered, broadcast media can play an integral role in uniting people from every walk of life, regardless of background or faith. According to yogini Hala Khouri, “The media has the power to inspire collaboration, connection, trust and integrity. For many yogis, their practice ends when they leave the yoga studio. Having access to conscious media can create a connection beyond the walls of a yoga studio or one’s mat.” Khouri’s film, Yoga Saves, a project of “Assemblies in Motion,” can be viewed on the Channel G website along with upcoming works from her recent collaborations with fellow yogini activists Seane Corn and Suzanne Sterling. Channel G films were also included at the LA Global Mala project in September, further transcending the stereotypes of traditional media and bridging worlds into one.

Perhaps Mark Whitwell, founder of The Heart of Yoga Association, put it best when he quoted Neem Karoli Baba, “If you want to raise the Kundalini, then feed someone. It’s therefore primary to personal spiritual practice to ‘feed’ people by sharing the information that is needed. In our suffering world, I cannot imagine how anyone who has the skills of communication could do anything else.” 

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