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It is common wisdom that taking a few deep breaths in the face of challenges can calm our mind and help us see a situation more clearly. Our breath is a powerful tool that carries our life force energy. There are many different ways of working with our breathing patterns to achieve yoga harmony.

The first step is to get to know our breath, just like getting to know a new friend. As we pay attention to our breathing patterns under different circumstances, we start to see how much our breathing really does affect how we feel. For instance, can you think of a time when you were excited about seeing a friend or family member after a long separation? Can you recall how you were breathing? Think about a time in your life when you felt anxious about something, like an exam or performance. How did you breathe during those moments?  Maybe your breath became fast and shallow, or maybe it even stopped briefly in anticipation. It is easy to forget about our breath. However, with practice, we can learn to use our breath when we need it most.

One fun way to work with our breathing is to use our imagination to color our breath energy. Pretend that you have a box of magical crayons in your mind that you can access anytime you wish. Each color has a special vibration and the power to help you feel the way you want to feel. Use the following chart to help you in the practice. You can also add your own meanings to colors that you love. Imagine, as you breathe in, the colors pour into your body and swirl around.

Try to breathe deeply so that the colors can reach all the way down into your toes and fingertips.

If you are feeling: Color your breath: 

a. Lonely   a. Ruby Red
b. Bored  b. Vibrant Orange
c. Tired  c. Sunshine Gold
d. Sad     d. Jade Green
e. Grumpy e. Sparkly Pink 
f. Nervous f. Turquoise
g. Afraid g. Bright White
h. Confused h. Indigo Blue
i. Heavy i. Violet
j. Annoyed j. Rainbow

To help you feel:  Color your breath: 

a. Connected  a. Ruby Red
b. Creative b. Vibrant Orange
c. Energized     c. Sunshine Gold
d. Love d. Jade Green
e. Compassion e. Sparkly Pink 
f. Confident  f. Turquoise
g. Safe  g. Bright White
h. Clear  h. Indigo Blue
i. Light i. Violet
j. Magical j. Rainbow

Enjoy your breath and remember to occasionally say ”˜thank you’  for the life and love it brings.

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