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New Moon Grand Trine in Earth Signs

August 28 brings us a stellar New Moon in Virgo. Ooo la la ”” this is a very special New Moon!

First, a bit of background: Each month, the New Moon is the time for new beginnings. Rich in meditative energy, the New Moon invites us to draw our attention inward toward mystical rebirth in some area of our lives. When the Moon is new (in other words, conjunct the Sun), it is time to meditate and contemplate ”” not take action ”” rather, it’s time to set intentions that can manifest in a more outgoing phase, such as the Full Moon. 

But this New Moon on August 28 is more than just a New Moon ”” it also forms a Grand Trine in Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn). Simply put, that means you can get what you want now. Here’s how:

New Moon in Earth Sign Virgo

On August 28th and the days and nights surrounding that date, the energy is earth-y, emphasizing stabilization and physical embodiment. To use this energy:

  1. meditate, and set your intentions
  2. take in ”” absorb the fruits that have ripened in your life; Digest
  3. let go of whatever no longer serves the highest good; Surrender  

Remember: Digest and Surrender. Virgo is an earth sign, calling us toward a state of greater health and wellness. Drink plenty of pure water, take rest, meditate ”” and do asana around the time of the New Moon (more on that in a moment). 

Grand Trine in Earth Signs

“It is rare to see this level of planetary support. Jupiter, Pluto, the Sun, and Moon… will all be in tight mathematical distances from each other. Not all new moons are like this one ”” this is one of the standout New Moons of 2011.” Susan Miller

Let’s unpack this: What’s “standout” about this New Moon Grand Trine in Earth Signs?  

Well, we know about the annual New Moon in Virgo on August 28. At the same time, Jupiter is in Taurus. Also, Pluto is in Capricorn. That means each of the three Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) contains a powerful celestial body, and there is a harmonious flow of energy between these celestial bodies; it’s called a trine. Actually, trines are the most harmonious and supportive of all aspects.

To recap: the August 28 New Moon Grand Trine is in EARTH SIGNS. 

VIRGO: Sun and New Moon at 5* Virgo 

TAURUS: Jupiter in Taurus (turns retrograde on August 30)

CAPRICORN: Pluto in Capricorn (turns direct, out of retrograde, on September 16) 

Add to the mix the fact that two powerhouse planets ”” Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and Jupiter, the Guru Planet ”” are both on the verge of retrograde motion at this time (Jupiter heads into retrograde, and Pluto heads out of retrograde). The in-drawn, reflective energy of their retrograde motion provides more juiciness for meditation and the wish-fulfilling tree within us, inside our own bodies.  

Asana for the New Moon in Virgo ”” twisting poses ”” Digest and Surrender. 

Also see Yogastrology :: Yoga meets Astrology, Chapter 6 for more on twisting poses: asana, along with specific journaling exercises, art, poetry, and more to guide us, step-by-step, into an embodiment of the mystical power of **Surrender** ”” the golden yogic key to unlock this New Moon.

We get a New Moon in Virgo only once a year ”” and this year, that New Moon is part of a Grand Trine in Earth Signs to boot, on August 28! Very rare ”” don’t miss this opportunity! Namaste.

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