yoga, sun and moon

By: Diane Booth Gilliam

Did you know ha-tha (as in, hatha yoga) means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit (ha = Sun and tha = Moon) ?

Yoga Meets Astrology weaves together these two ancient systems — yoga and astrology — in a rich tapestry of ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues. Warmth and radiant light… yes, Yogastrology is yoga. Traditional yoga. Use it with your favorite style of yoga.

Yogastrology works with all yoga. Use it to align your practice with the Sun and Moon. For centuries, each area of the body has correlated with one zodiac sign. Here’s how:

Zodiac – Body

Aries – Head

Taurus – Neck and Throat

Gemini – Shoulders and Arms

Cancer – Chest

Leo – Spine

Virgo – Abdomen

Libra – Lower back

Scorpio – Pelvis

Sagittarius – Hips and Thighs

Capricorn – Knees

Aquarius – Ankles

Pisces – Feet


Yogastrology uses these elegant, ancient correlations to align our bodies at the most auspicious time: Now.

New Moon

Every month, align yourself with the New Moon, and the Full Moon. New Moon Asana is your guide to a fresh new beginning. Every month, your new beginning focuses on an area of the body, and one special aspect of your life.  Who doesn’t want a fresh start, a “do-over”, every month? I know I do!

When you practice asana around the time of the New Moon, immerse yourself. Be Open. Receptive. Invite the Moon to reveal a new beginning for you.

The Moon is new (dark, in seed-form) in one zodiac sign every month. Which sign? My New Moon Asana articles will guide you. (Hint: It’s the same zodiac sign that the Sun is.)

Full Moon

Full Moon Asana sets the stage for blossoming, harvest, and full expression. Our fullness focuses on a specific area of the body, and one certain aspect of our lives every month.  Who couldn’t use more abundance each month? Works for me!

Focus on one area of the body, around the time of the Full Moon. Let yourself come to life fully, abundantly, with richness. Shine forth, with the radiance of the Full Moon.

The Moon is full in one zodiac sign each month. Which sign? My Full Moon Asana articles will let you know. (Hint: It’s the zodiac sign opposite / six signs away from / where the Sun is.)

Kundalini Shakti

Thousands of nadis or energy channels exist within your subtle body. The central nadi, the pathway of the kundalini Shakti, is known as the Sushumna. It resides within the spine. On either side of the Sushumna (inside the spine), two nadis called Ida and Pingala align us with the Sun and the Moon. Ha-tha — as in hatha yoga — means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit.

Sun Shine and Moon glow

The Sun and Moon share their wisdom and magic with us through our bodies. Yogastrology guides us to embody and to feel the warmth and radiance of our own inner light. Align with the Sun and Moon. It’s simple, really. Yogastrology provides the practices each month. As you do these practices, ask yourself,

“How am I feeling, in this moment?”  Listen within. What you hear might surprise you.


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