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Convenience is key in Hong Kong and Pure yoga Asia Standard Tower is located in the heart of the city so it doesn’t get any easier then this to sneak in a yoga class during lunch hours or even before or after work.

With its 10 000 sq ft and over 125 classes a week you can be sure to find any kind of yoga that soothes your soul and mood for that day. You can practice anything from hot classes, hatha, asthanga, vinyasa, wallrope yoga to more meditational therapeutical classes and even yogalates which is a mix of yoga and pilates for all different levels. The cosy chill out lounge serves you with free wifi, a corner with Pure’s own branded yoga apparel and a Nood food counter serving up fresh juices and superfood shakes which are perfect after a workout.

As most yoga studios there is a very zen-like feeling entering the studio and calm music playing in the background to get you in the right mood set before class. Their big lounge is located just as you arrive on the studios first floor and have big grey comfy couches and chairs so it looks like someone’s welcoming living room. It’s definitely a good place to wind down after and before class and also to get to know your classmates.

The yoga studio has 2 floors with 3 different studios that can be divided in smaller classroom and have yoga related names like niyama and drishti.

Because the studio is so big, compared to many others here in Hong Kong, and offering so many classes at all different times during the day it never feels like the classes are fully packed. Which is perfect since it gives the teachers more time to walk around and correct everyone and it becomes more intimate. The changing room is also big with enough space for all yogis to shower and change without having to wait in line. Big plus for the phone charging station as well!

This oasis is definitely needed for the ones who like to wind down in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a hectic big city.

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