aum rudraksha

Aum Rudraksha Designs is based in Bali Indonesia and uses the finest and most rare rudraksha, which is then used to make beautifully designed malas, rosaries and mala jewelry. The beads are organically grown in South-East Asia and are selected with the most upmost care and attention.

What is most unique about the Aum Rudraksha malas, beside their beautiful look, is the sensation of authenticity experienced when holding or wearing the jewelry. They feel light, positive, and full of energy and are of the highest quality. You feel their power and the love that has been poured into their creation.

Soma, a tall, lean and vibrant woman, is the founder and designer. She speaks about her jewelry design with passion and dedication. Soma’s journey into mala making goes way back before wearing, and creating malas as jewelry became a trend. She explains how each mala is made to specific spiritual numbers, and that the highest quality of beads and rudrashka are essential to her mission; providing authentic jewelry filled with vibrant energy.

For her collections, precious and rare rudraksha bead are mixed with the finest quality gems to create unique pieces with healing properties to its bearer. Each design uses 108 beads, symbolizing their spiritual significance. Hindu and Buddhist belief dictate that the number 108 represents planetary and religious understanding – The distance of Sun from Earth divided by diameter of Sun and distance of Moon from earth divided by diameter of Moon, is approximately equal to 108, also Hindu deities have 108 names – both are examples of their symbolic power.

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