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For the perfect juice and salad with an international feel in the heart of Amsterdam’s city center, Juice & Salad Café is the place to be! This healthy café is an initiative of two Dutch boys who grew up in Dutch rural areas and who wanted to bring biological, fresh products to the city. The ambiance has a relaxed feel to it, you can either sit at a big (shared) table while reading a magazine or having a chat with a fellow customer or sit at the window and watch people, trams and bicycles pass by.

All juices and salads are named after a continent. Combine an African juice of orange, banana and guava with an Australian salad consisting of lentils, beetroot, tomato, feta cheese, macadamia nuts and mustard-lemon vinaigrette. Feeling creative today? Create your own salad and choose from a variety of ingredients. Combine different kinds of salad with quinoa, brown rice or lentils. Add some extras such as avocado and sugar snaps and top it off with your choice of topping such as coriander, buffalo mozzarella or walnuts.

Juices are made to order and you can imagine all sorts of combination. Choose your base; orange, apple or pear, add some of your favorite fruits or veggies and finish it off with a topping such as mint, ginger, chia seed or goji berries. If smoothies are more your thing, you can just ask the staff and they will turn your juice into a…smoothie!

If you prefer a sandwich to accompany your healthy juice, be sure to try the African! The most delicious pinenuts-hummus, mustard, green-red salad, parmesan cheese and balsamic form a perfect combination. Breakfast, such as raw, pure chocolate nibs with walnuts honey and yogurt, is also served at Juice & Salad. For every juice, salad and breakfast you can either choose between a small or large option.

For those who are at the office or feel like enjoying a healthy meal at home, Juice & Salad has delivery service as well! It’s super easy, you can just give them a ring or use the MyOrder app to place your order.

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