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If you were to go back in time and take a walk towards the river where Green School’s new “Yoga Studio” was being built you would have felt the pure natural energy of the canyon and got excited to be there. On walks to where the studio was under construction you could have met people such as Claudia, Jo and Naren who were teaching Yoga classes in Bali with a similar expression on their faces: awe and anticipation.

The pavilion has been designed by Lise Baker and David Van Der Gulik, owners of Tag Tag Reclaimed Woods and is built from recycled iron wood (Ulin) from Sulawesi. The design of the structure is extremely supportive of the Yoga process. It enhances upright stretching towards an cupula of light and supports “community” in its octagonal shape. The eight corners of the floor give the impression of a circle. The floor is a wonderful smooth wood floor, ideal for dancing and moving. The whole structure is overhanging the canyon wall of “Ayung River”, the biggest holy river in Bali. It was completed in 2012.

Teaching in this wonderful enhancing space generates gratitude towards Bali, the island that brought “us” together from so many different countries and backgrounds, meeting and exchanging ideas and trades. In the classes you can frequently experience the support of the “Power Spot”. The location of the studio enhances the work contributing to silence, healing and nurturing.

People from all walks of life merge into a Yoga Class with no pretension or masquerade, just simply “moving”, breathing and absorbing the wonderful nature surrounding the place. The “Mystic Motion” movement class takes you right into the center of your being where you shed off any social roles to connect with happiness, the joy of moving, the way you move and being the way you are. Centering in this moment, in this perfect moment; observing impermanence.

As for today, classes are taught by gracious and playful Balinese yoga teacher Budi, who received his training in 2012 by YOGA ARTS in Ubud. Budi, a former traditional Balinese dancer, is now devoting his time and passion to the art of Yoga. He is also available for group or individual private classes upon request.

Classes are every Mondays and Wednesdays – 8.15am – 9.30am  – 100,000 IDR.

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Ubud. Kedewatan. Bali
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