on the mat again….

Yoga Poetry Poem Art On The Mat

on the mat again…

fresh magic!

on a mat

over and over

remind me


how we

can stretch that pose

 yoga lama,

please remind us

how to grow,

how to flow,

come and go

remind us how

to OM better,

to moan better,

to lions breath and reverse stretch

be the best we can be…

Oh sister, where art thou

 legs supposed to be

in warrior three?   

hmm, please remind me

to breathe

into certainty,


practice death at the end

namaste to savasana

around and around

turn us in


upside down

lifetimes abound


into the deep sound

back to prana

and mama!

yoga lama

take us on

a magic carpet mat ride

 third eye activated,

(low ego de-activated)

and om again


out loud


silence can be golden too

ah, the many forms of yoga

please give us this again

that again

warrrior one

well tell me how again

yoga lama,

 to namaste and forward bend,

bakasana and oceanic, pranic savasana

the mandala of asanas!

please remind me

 to breathe

 and be free

deeply breathe freely

work real hard

long slow deep

rest accordingly,

she says

receive, balance, allow

a flow to feel

lay back again

 to a child again

remind us once more

breathe deep

be free

back to the mat again

on the yoga wagon

coming together





 one more time,

on the mat again!

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