the best yoga pants – our top 11 yogi outfit clothing selection 2024

Thinking about getting a new yogi outfit for your yoga routine? With so many options available today, it can be tricky to choose the best pants for your yoga practice. The good thing is, there are yoga pants for everyone. A brand that takes care of the environment with organic fabrics?

Want to promote social inclusion? Desires the best performance? An apparel that is practical with pockets? No matter what is your main decision trigger, you have a product that suits you perfectly.

No matter what are your needs & likes, we have the best yoga pants for you.

Therefore, we’ve made a diligent research on the market, analyzing public and yoga teachers opinions to bring the best products you can find. 

Here is our current selection for the best yoga pants, enjoy!

Sustainable Options

1 – Pact

Website home page with woman sitting down facing her shoes

Pact is a beautiful brand 100% focused on delivering great products with minimal environmental impact, having a little bit of everything. Your yoga pants will be made of organic cotton, delivered with recycled and compostable packages and Fair

Trade certified. For those who do not know, we can say Fair Trade is a movement that includes all kinds of organizations with the common purpose to reduce poverty, increase social inclusion and promote sustainable measures by guaranteeing a trustworthy and transparent production process.

Check Pact website here

2 – Girlfriend

website home page with different girls wearing workout outfits

One picture is worth a thousand words and Girlfriend is a perfect example of it. Once you go to their website, a clear message is imprinted in your mind, “This is a brand for everyone made in a sustainable way”.

Girlfriend’s yogi outfits of reused materials, as their fabrics are made of recycled plastics and fishing nets. Even their package is 100% recycled and recyclable. Also, they are SA8000 certified which guarantees the factories are paying good salaries and creating a safe work environment for their employees. 

Check Girlfriend Website here

3 – Earth Yoga

Girl on a yoga mat at the beach doing meditation

Americans use 15.000 plastic bottles every second, which is 35 billion per year! That was the main driver to build Earth Yoga, a brand that uses recycled plastic to produce 100% ecofriendly yogi outfits. Recycled polyester is a great substitute to traditional polyester and nylon and also uses way less energy to produce.

Noreen Austin, the founder, has merged her 20 years as a yoga practicer with 15 of experience with apparel design and merchandising. If you don’t want to give your money to the “big guys” and are looking to support a medium-size business with a lot of potentials, Earth Yoga is the brand for you.

Check Earth Yoga website here

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4 – Satva

Website home page with woman in yoga outfit doing yoga pose

If you are looking for high-quality organic yoga clothing, Satva is the brand for you. Their products are made of organic cotton cultivation with no pesticides or fertilizers, allowing nature to take its natural course and 100% free of chemicals. This results in much better fabric quality and allergen-free cotton yogi outfit.

Check Satva website here

5 – Vyayama

Website home page with leggings pants options and a woman wearing a red legging

Vyayama was founded with the objective to provide yoga clothing with all different fabrics as an alternative to regular polyester. Their main fabrics are:

  • Cupro Made of regenerated cellulose derived from cotton linter, the fiber which wraps the cottonseed. This part is not used in cotton industry so you will also help a sustainable production.
  • Tencel Made of cellulose from eucalyptus trees, this fiber is amazing with moisture absorption making you feel cooler and more comfortable as the feeling is even better than silk.
  • Micromodal Made of 100% of beechwood cellulose. Micromodal is lighter than polyester and has the same breathability as cotton, so you are going to be well suited for your hardest practices.

Check Vyayama on our Boutique here

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6 – Green Apple

website home page with woman wearing workout outfit and stretching

Bamboo yoga pants are becoming a new trend thanks to its sustainable statement and quality. Clothes made of bamboo have natural antibacterial and UV protection properties.

They are also insulating, a good option for any season. Founded in 2005, Green Apple has developed high-quality yogi outfit always looking for new sustainable producing methods.

Check Green Apple website here

Styles and best fit

7 – Alala

website home page with black girl wearing black outfit

The founder of ALALA, an active modern woman on-the-go, wanted to offer a brand that could keep you creative about your look from the gym, office, or to the happy hour. She succeeds in mixing the best in fashion and function, with collections ranging from Luxe Lounge, Jet Set, Non-Basic Black, or Brighten Up!

Her pieces are designed so they can be picked up quickly on the go and packed in a yoga or gym bag without wrinkling easily. Leggings, bra tips, tanks, and sweat tops with colors and exciting patterns to switch things up, or classic black and white, all can be layered for the modern style-setters in you!

Check Alala website here

8 – Evolvefitwear

website home page with girls wearing workout outfit and training apparel

Versatility, that’s probably the best word to describe Evolve Fit Wear. The platform was created to offer the best active clothing, being accessible in terms of price and that suits most practices and routines.

Therefore, if you want quality yogi outfits but are not quite sure what exactly, Evolve has a huge portfolio with top-level brands that will suit your style. Loose, bootleg, bell bottoms, high waist, classic leggings, printed, flat, not to mention different fabrics.

Enjoy their amazing portfolio and find your perfect yoga pants.

Check Evolve Website

9 – Dona Jo Inc

Woman with workout leeging putting a smartphone on the pocket

Dona Jo is the brand for people who want your workout yogi outfit to be practical. Created by semi-professional athletes, it was designed to mix the bold and bright colors with the practicality and comfort we all need for good practice.

This mission resulted in high-quality clothing that is also function so if you want yoga pants with pockets, for example, to put your smartphone, money, or keys, this is the brand for you.

Check Dona Jo website here

10 – 90º Degree by Reflex

woman with a shorts

If you are actually not sure yoga pants are the best for your practice or just want to try different things, like shorts, we have a little something for you. 90º Degree by Reflex was born with the idea of creating workout yogi outfits with different attributes.

Their many different fabrics, being a mix of Nylon, Spandex, Polyester, and Lycra provides different benefits.

A cool and smooth surface, cotton-like touch, moisture absorption, or a silky skin feeling are some of the many differentiations they provide for their customers.

And the good thing is, it comes in many different formats and honestly, giving a personal opinion, practicing yoga with a loose yoga short is such a comfortable experience!

Check 90 Degree website here

11 – Kosha Fit

Kosha Fit wears its name well, as this brand’s first and foremost asset is the incredible fit of its outfits. When you put on a Kosha ensemble, it feels as if it were your second skin. The light and incredibly soft material is a yogini’s dream of comfort. Their leggings and bras are cut to advantageously enhance a woman’s body, embracing all shapes and forms graciously.

Jordan Artman, Kosha’s founder, aims to support her customers on their path of self-awareness and alignment with an ethical, high-quality, and engaged brand. At the core of Kosha Fit’s name and brand’s philosophy is the ancient Vedic text, Taittiriya Upanishad, with their 5 koshas equally represented by their 5 bars’ logo (Annamaya, Pranayama, Manomaya, Vijnamaya, and Anandamaya).

In addition, as a Community-oriented company, Kosha gives back a portion of all its sales to NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

If feeling comfortable, looking glamorous, and spending your dollars on an ethical brand is essential to you, then Kosha’s new collection is worth exploring!

Check Kosha website here