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by Yogi Times yogi times
Self Development

1. Link your happiness with what is good for evolution.

2. Fast openings bring fast closings. Most reported injuries in yoga result from lack of concentration or an attempt to perform a difficult pose without working up to it. When two people come together and open up quickly, one person often continues opening faster than the other person can integrate. Sometimes one person is not emotionally prepared for intense emotional and physical connections. Slow openings give both partners time to integrate.

3. Trust is a like a jewel and it must be protected. It can be very difficult to get your partner’s trust back once it has been broken. Although it is not impossible to gain someone’s trust back, it does take time and requires the proper actions rather than the right words. Beware of the “mindfields” of mistrust, betrayal and resentment.

4. Find the propitious circumstance, find good material to work with. There are no formulas or panaceas for what works in a relationship. One thing is certain however, chemistry is erotic, it is a magical thing and we all need it. So find someone who you enjoy working out with, someone who is also a truth-seeker, someone who has objectivity and is seeking beyond just winning and getting his or her own way.





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