finding my inner truth


As I walk down the beautiful green path full of exquisite trees which are blanketed with deliciously looking fruits and singing birds, I look down at my feet and ask myself: “Am I where I thought I would be?”and my answer was “yes”. After a minute, I began to question my immediate response and so I took a deep breath and asked myself the question once again: “Am I where I thought I would be?” and again, my natural answer was “yes”.


I started to think of how I was where I thought I would be. I realized it was a series of moments that were given to me. I was where I thought I would be all because of breathing and living in the moment with truth and clarity. 

I looked around the soft, green, airy path again and realized the pleasing sweet sounds of natural silence. The frogs, bees, crickets and imprinted footsteps on the red clay path created yet another moment”¦ a moment of truth.

I have the privilege of daily practicing yoga in complete serenity here in Kerala, India. After some years, I finally gained the courage to start living my dream of traveling while doing yoga. As I continue walking on the green path, I look down at my 2 year old son as he asks me a question. Gazing at my son, I realize once again that I am exactly where I want to be. I am a mother, a wife and a faithful messenger for this life enhancing, life blessing practice we call yoga.

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  • I was in San Francisco, CA when I was blessed with the beautiful moment of realizing the immense strength that yoga offers. When my two feet touched the yoga mat that day in San Francisco, I experienced the complete connection of mind, body and soul and that brought me cry more than I have ever cried. I finally found the way to empower myself. I was inspired. Yoga was the torch lighting my path. I felt at home. I began learning ways to shed layers of old, sad and hurtful memories and thoughts that kept me from being the true me. I remember thanking life, as well as my past and present experiences for having given me the gift of yoga.

    In our daily lives we are constantly trying to comprehend what we should or should not be doing. We are relentlessly looking for a reason to be. I have always dreamt of inspiring people to demonstrate unconditional love and to nurture all souls. Yoga gave me the tools to achieve my passions while living an adventurous life. My practice has led me to my true friends, my husband, my son and the unconditional acceptance of all those around me in my life.

    I try to be a truthful artist while showing a level of courage. I am proud to be a messenger.

    Love and light to all beings”¦.May they all be free and happy!


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