yoga to the rescue

Yoga to the Rescue is a gentle, therapeutic practice in a serene studio setting complete with candlelit background, flowing tapestries and ambient music. Anusara teacher and yoga therapist Desiree Rumbaugh brings her charismatic and nurturing teaching style to a practice suitable for both the timid beginner and the experienced practitioner suffering from the pangs and ailments of everyday life. 

Each chapter of the DVD focuses on a specific asana or body part and is prefaced with a short discussion on the benefits of the upcoming poses. Practitioners have the option to complete the sixty-minute series in its entirety, by the end feeling stretched and strengthened from head to toe, or create a personalized sequence utilizing the poses and instructions that most benefit their individual needs.

With the help of fellow Anusara teacher Andrew Riven she also demonstrates modifications to make poses easier or harder, allowing the sequence to grow with the practitioner. To add icing to the already delicious cake, she reveals a bonus pose to create instant calm. In the words of Desiree Rumbaugh, “Yoga shouldn’t hurt.”


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