the farm at san benito

Located just 2 hours drive from Manila, there is a piece of Heaven on Earth where you can truly find your mind, body and spirit balance. You can allow yourself to disconnect, slow down, unwind and enjoy the beautiful and serene surroundings. Give yourself time to arrive and fully appreciate the space. Whatever reason brought you to this healing paradise, you are meant to be exactly where you are. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy, there is nowhere to rush to, nothing you have to do, simply be.

The villas capture the ethos’ simplicity in a luxurious, spacious room equipped with comfortable beds and all the necessities. There are several meditation areas, a stunning yoga hall, a pond with peacocks proudly marching around The Farm (including the rare albino white peacock!), a waterfall, spa, restaurant, holistic clinic and lounge areas designed to create a paradise for anyone, including couples, families and solo travelers.

Every day there is a new schedule filled with meditation, yoga classes, flower mandala arrangement workshop, cooking class, afternoon tea and much more. For those who crave a more intense workout, there is a gym facility with daily fitness classes focusing on functional movement.


I was simply in heaven, I could not find words to describe one of the most delightful culinary experiences of my life.

Their extensive vegan menu will satisfy even those skeptical meat eaters. The food is just divine and makes you want to go vegan for the rest of your life. I can say with confidence that their chefs make the most exciting vegan food you will ever taste.

The Spa:

Every treatment is started with a wonderful ritual and with two extremely powerful messages: ‘all is well’ and ‘allow yourself to relax’. Very often we get caught up in our daily routines and get used to a certain level of stress which becomes something we don’t even notice. Finding a way to surrender to relaxation can be difficult at first, but rest assured that there is no way you will be stressed at The Farm. I tried the signature scrub that left my skin silky smooth and I felt detoxified afterward.

One of my absolute highlights was a crania-sacral therapy treatment performed by the Healing Sanctuary Manager Mr. Lemuel, who kindly shared with me insights of his work. His charisma, aura and gentle personality were captivating. Having met with many healers, I felt his energy was something special and unique, and I left glowing and radiant from the inside-out. Crania-sacral therapy is a form of bodywork that focuses on the bones of the head, spinal column, and sacrum. It helps to release compression, negative emotions, traumas in areas which alleviates stress and pain. I think it was one of the most blissful treatments I have ever experienced. It left me thoroughly relaxed, not to mention my deep and restorative sleep later that night.

The Farm is constantly developing and expanding what they offer. I had a chance to visit the newly built holistic clinic facility – I wish every clinic looked as inviting and peaceful! The next addition will be an aquatic center where treatments such as watsu (bodywork with the water flow used for deep relaxation) will be soon available.

A visit to The Farm is a one of a kind experience that will leave you wanting more. It is a magical place that can truly change your life if you only surrender and let their wonderful staff get to know you and address your personal needs the best way they can. Take a deep breath and feel utterly at peace and in harmony with nature and with yourself. Then dive into the peaceful surroundings and simply be.

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