summer kids camp at h-kore

Today's teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day online (Common Sense Media, 2018). It comes as no surprise that with this addiction comes information overload, fear of missing out, and unnecessary stress at a very young age.

This July, H-Kore has partnered up with Joint Dynamics to run a Summer Camp for kids aged 8-13 years old to address these issues in an intimate group setting in Quarry Bay's Taikoo Place. The program is focused on introducing concepts of mindfulness and yoga, leadership, and teamwork through games and group exercises in a fun, nurturing the environment.

The Summer Camp will keep kids active and engaged in a fun and nurturing environment. A variety of games, challenges, and short classes will be used to improve:

● Leadership and teamwork skills

● Physical fitness (strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility)

● Mindfulness (with yoga, breathing and meditation exercises)

The program runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 15 July until 2 August. Sessions are suitable for all fitness levels. H-Kore runs regular classes for adults in the next room at a special rate as well, giving the whole family time to work out together before heading straight to lunch or the beach.

The camp is taught by Vanessa Valenzuela (H-Kore), who is a Developmental Psychology practitioner and a Certified Lagree Fitness trainer as well as a yoga teacher. Another leading teacher is Sophia Greengrass (H-Kore), a certified Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga instructor with 7+ years of experience in teaching and working with kids, and Karishma Sajnani (Joint Dynamics) also Certified trainer and healthcare professional with two Masters' degrees in healthcare administration & leadership.

It is refreshing to see that parents and teachers are coming together to allow children to experience a playful and mindful childhood.