the silent awakening

Tina Malia is a stunning performer whose lead and backup vocals are the audio equivalent of pure sunshine. Up until now she had only recorded two CDs: the already classic Shores of Avalon and the chant-filled Jaya Bhagavan (with Shimshai). On The Silent Awakening, her third release, Tina follows in the footsteps of Shores of Avalon, in a singer-songwriter mode, with multi-faceted world instrumentation that features a deeper rhythmic flavor with African drums, marimbas, Indian clay drums and more. 

Malia’s organic, peaceful messages come through loud and clear on “Heal This Land”, “Heaven”, and “Beholden”, all of which would work well as themes dedicated to world peace, conservation, etc. The pristine production of each and every one of these recordings is remarkable and paves the way for her material to be heard far and wide. Her cast of musicians includes some of the finest players in the fertile West coast music scene: Darol Anger, Greg Ellis (percussionist from Vas), Robert Powell, Sasha Butterfly, MF Greenmountain (from Hamsa Lila), as well as Shimshai, Lakshmi Devi, Kim Atkinson, Manose and co-producer John Alevizakis. 

With each listen, the songs travel deeper inside the listener’s consciousness as they invite repeated listening. She really casts a beautiful spell with the flowing continuity from track to track. So far, this CD looks to be a top candidate in the “best of” category for 2006, not to mention cover art of the year, and lends itself beautifully to wholly gratifying listening and enthusiastic sharing with family, friends and community.

Boundless Light Music – $17.99

Both listening titles can be purchased at – 800.767.4748



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