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It all started with Marina’s love for oriental philosophy. And then law of attraction brought her to yoga in 2003. She purchased a yoga book and started imitating the poses.

With no yoga mat, she made these first attempts on a blanket in the quiet of her bedroom. Marina Calado was in high school and split her time between studying at school and studying yoga at home.

The internet helped her a lot and with determination and perseverance, Marina created a dossier with her discoveries and acquired knowledge.

It wasn’t until a few years later, during her second year of college, that she decided to buy her first yoga mat and attend her first yoga class. Sivananda was her chosen method.

She new she had to learn. A teacher training followed and the same thirst for knowledge was still there. Becoming a yoga teacher was never an ambition. “I attended the course because I wanted to learn more and wanted to develop my own home practice.”

But the art of teaching came naturally to her. “Spreading yoga, communicating yoga, is really entrenched in virtually everything I do.”

Today, Marina is an Anusara Yoga teacher, a method which she fell in love with in 2010. She teaches at the new Yogafool studio in Marquês de Pombal, right in the heart of Lisbon.

Curious and willing to explore and to discover, she treats her yoga mat like herself: it’s the place where she challenges herself and finds answers for her life.

With the tools she gains through the adventure that is her personal practice, she shares her knowledge with her students and makes them challenge and find themselves as well.

More than reaching the perfect asana posture, Marina wants her students to understand ways that lead them to greater physical, emotional and mental growth. “I try to show the connection between our attitude on the mat and life”, she says. Her approach is therefore more therapeutical, “because yoga has been the biggest and most stable part of my life and I want to show people that it’s possible to have a practice able to hold us.”

Marina’s classes are inspiring and are accompanied by book excerpts or stories from films, music and even Marina’s own experiences.

No class is the same, but each class allows students the ideal space to express themselves and enjoy the fun.

This yogini, who has had the opportunity to study with well-known names like Sienna Sherman, Tara Judelle, Meghan Currie and Marc Holzman, wants her next step to be 500-hour certification and, who knows, maybe one day fulfil her dream of being an assistant teacher trainer.

Above all, Marina’s practice is the most important training.

Through her practice, she works on her emotional and mental patterns in order to achieve greater emotional and personal health. “Every. Single. Day.” –

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