intuitive flow

Entering Intuitive Flow, from the nature-filled labyrinth paths, in the hills of Penestanan, keeps the magic of Bali flowing. Offerings mindfully placed, a lotus flower pond and vast view omits a place of simplicity and peace.

The sign in desk is non-chalant and takes a bit of poking around to find. A small shop is in the back, with yoga gear, jewelry, and tasty after-class refreshments from Alchemy, a near by raw food restaurant.

Upstairs, is the welcoming studio filled with natural light, high ceilings, and panoramic views.  Get there early for a spot in the front row next to a window for the best view and gentle breezes. Imagine looking at Bali’s sacred mountain Gunung Agung and the Campuan Valley while practicing.

Skillful and caring teachers from local Balinese to experts, share teachings inspired by Balinese and Indian wisdom. Consistently, the classes I tried included pranayama (breath exercises), chanting, and a proper Savasana (of more than five minutes).

The main teacher, Linda, offers Yoga Pranala (a heart centered practice of self-love and self-respect). There were moments of bizarreness such as aromatherapy sprayed on me in mountain pose continuously, and chanting OM, while moving through postures, however many students afterwards raved about the healing and loving benefits they received…and that’s pretty powerful.

Manis, a Balinese priestess and yoga teacher, focuses on energetic healing for students. She enriches her teachings by weaving in Balinese beliefs. If interested in nature and the deeper spiritual and healing aspects of daily life in Bali, I recommend going on a cultural tour with her.

Intuitive Flow can be a breath of fresh air in the world of Bali Yoga. If small classes, healing self-work and personal interaction with the teacher is of importance, this is the place to try out. It made me come back again and again!

Open: M – Fr 07:00-17:30 / Sat-Sun 07:00-12:30  

Price range  IDR 120.000-IDR 825.000 (discounts available for locals who meet requirements)
Great for Quality teaching and healing yoga 
Open for Yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats and cultural tour.

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