cryozone in santa monica

Cryotherapy is growing in popularity as one of the next-level holistic wellness solutions that promotes natural healing at a cellular level, and it was so much fun to try. As yogis that practice Kundalini, which also changes your body at a cellular level, we just naturally had to try this to see what it was all about.

”¨”¨CryoZone is in the heart of Santa Monica, and is one of the busiest Cryo Clinics in the country. They shared so much about this incredible technology and were right there with us for our first time–making sure we felt supported and safe.”¨”¨

The way cryotherapy works is that you expose your body to temperatures around -250°F with liquid nitrogen vapor in what is called a CryoSauna. Before you hop in, you put on glove liners, gloves, long socks, and boots, and you can go in with minimal clothing or nude.”¨”¨

You stay in what we liked to call the “freeze chamber” or the CryoSauna for three minutes. Yes, it’s perfectly safe. It’s a similar concept to taking cold showers (hydrotherapy) but in an extremely powerful way. It re-oxygenates your blood and flushes out lactic acid built up in the body, which is a cause of pain in our bodies.”¨”¨

This is an amazing healing tool on so many levels. It is equivalent to a 45-minute ice bath, but it is a lot safer because you’re not cutting off circulation to your skin, and it’s only three minutes, so it’s energizing and good for body and mind. A great therapy to raise the vibration of your energy and feel great!”¨”¨

People have seen great improvement in chronic conditions like autoimmune disorders. One of the CryoZone staff members, Sean, had a neurological injury and was paralyzed at one point. Cryotherapy has been a large part in his recovery process and has gotten him off of all his medication. It’s also a great therapy to alleviate pain like headaches, hangovers, and menstrual cramps.”¨”¨

We both had much more energy the rest of the day, we felt like we were on a natural high, and that’s because you do get an adrenaline rush from it. It’s a powerful tool and technology and we are totally on board.

”¨”¨If you’re in Santa Monica, head over to CryoZone to get your freeze on! Multiple package options are available and they offer a $40 session for first-timers–they’re even on ClassPass!


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