The latest album by Sadhu Nada, entitled “Chantrika” is much like his earlier works, this too infuses various elements of gypsy music with sacred Sanskrit mantras. “Kali Maheshwari” and its sister-song “Prabhate Uthiya” have a haunting flamenco flavor.

Hari Om Namah Shivaya” is sweet and soulful, and is reminiscent of modern indie folk rock, while “Paratpara Shiva” has some definite bluegrass influence.

He also includes a rendition of the popular Hebrew song, “Hava Nagila“, which makes a wonderful addition to any kirtan practice, since the song is about singing and rejoicing, and isn’t that what kirtan is all about? I encourage listeners to check out his other albums as well, as he has produced a total of 8 in all.

They are all available on CD, or can be downloaded for donations from his website –

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