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Intimate spas with inviting storefronts dot San Francisco’s Union Street neighborhood, offering countless opportunities for personal attention to your pampering. 

Chakra SalonSpa is a trendy Union Square outpost is one of many Aveda concept spas across the nation. It’s also the largest one, boasting almost 4,000 square feet of sun-drenched hardwood floors and thousands of aromas that beckon to you from the potions on the shelves. 

Aveda is one of the most respected organic cosmetic stalwarts in the world, its focus also is one of equilibrium and inner harmony. 

The downstairs salon area of Chakra overflows with wall-to-ceiling windows, a splash of earthy colors and Zen-inspired rock gardens – in addition to walls stocked with Aveda skin and hair care products. In keeping with Aveda’s wholesome philosophy, salon stylists only use products with conditioning plant extracts. 

Settle down to a glass of red wine or Aveda’s incomparable Réconfortant tea – a tantalizing blend of licorice and peppermint – before you head up to the smaller, quieter spa treatment area upstairs.

The spa area is a dimly lit refuge consisting of seven treatment rooms that branch off into long hallways lined with smooth pebbles, neutral lighting and portraits of beautiful people. Aveda products are super-gentle, and the Chakra folks have a magic touch – avoiding harsh chemical scrubs that strip your skin of nutrients, or cause your face to break out days after the treatment. Opt for a personalized aromatherapy massage (the scent options are dizzying in number) or a customized elemental nature facial – which uses Ayurveda-inspired essential oils to cater to different skin types.

If you stop by the modest apothecary in the downstairs area, you can pick up some choice products, like Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Crème and the Caribbean Therapy Flower Water (doused with organic basil, mandarin, neroli, and orange), so you can continue to savor the luxury of Chakra at home.  

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