who am i? where did i come from?

By: dr. ruth westheimer

Though Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? is not a new release, it stands out as a classic among children’s literature because of the frank and honest, yet sensitive and delicate manner in which it addresses the question so often dreaded by parents: “Where do babies come from?” And who better to  answer that question than Dr. Ruth Westheimer, world-famous psychosexual therapist who also started out as a Kindergarten teacher with a doctorate in education?

This charmingly illustrated book is beautiful in its simplicity, clarity and honesty. As any parent knows, talking about sex with children is not always easy, particularly since many of those raising young children today grew up with parents who were brought up in a generation in which sex wasn’t openly discussed.

The beauty of Dr. Westheimer’s book is that it provides a simple and appropriate vocabulary and point of view for exploring sex, babies, the human body and love. Children are filled with natural, healthy curiosity. By satisfying that curiosity with positive accurate information, we can provide them with the foundation to build a healthy relationship with their sexual selves. Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? honors the innate beauty of human sexuality and the miracle of life.

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Brigitte Benchimol

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