bali bohemia

When arriving at Bali Bohemia for the first time, you feel immediately seduced by the setting. Somehow, it’s as if I am being reminded of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame musical. Colorful with smart mix of patterns and materials. It takes you back to that timeless atmosphere, when people used to spend days talking about art, playing with words, poetry, or music. This is a space that definitely stimulates your creativity.

Located at the back of Ubud’s famous monkey forest, the parking area is a meeting point for monkey families. They might be very curious about what is in your plate and pay you a quick visit. Do not worry, the helpful staff will remind them that they have to order on their own if they want to try it. Kids are usually very happy to see this epic scene taking place. During day time, the upstairs open space with very confortable pillows, ethnic carpets and coffee tables invites you to relax. Then, you can either follow the flow of your thoughts in solo or share ideas and projects with friends.

Starting your day by enjoying a large choice of breakfasts, can be both delightful and entertaining. For lunch, make sure to order the delicious Falafel dish; It’s not only tasty, you will feel fullfilled. If you feel like a refreshing mocktail order the Bohemian punch, with slices of apple and strawberry.

At night, the place takes another dimension, a more festive one, with “theme” nights and related shows. The owners are open-minded people, ready to explore the possibilities and diversity of artistic/cultural scene of Ubud wiht evenings like “Brazilian Night” with capoeira show, an “Oriental Night” with belly dancer and even an “Hip-Hop” event with breakdancers and environmentally-friendly rap!

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