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Do you know, you can do a physical and emotional detox, just with your breath? We tried a Breath of Bliss journey with Anshu Singh in her beautiful ‘Villa Bliss’ in Bali.

Our breath carries life energy. Adjusting your breath can bring a huge change in your life. By consciously controlling the breath we get access to one of the most powerful and efficient healings systems out there. You will experience more air and aliveness. Anhu’s breath work uses a combination of various exercises to stir-up the subconscious and breath. This journey begins with a dance, to warm up your body, come out of our head and let everything go. During the second exercise, everyone is asked to breathe together while looking into each other’s eyes. The last exercise is to speak from your heart and what you desire. The other was just listening. No interaction. These exercises were, although kind of uncomfortable in the beginning, it is a powerful experience that invites connection and clarity. Then the breath work started. While lying down on a mat, you must breathe constantly in and out through your mouth. Similar to the dynamic flow of the ocean. During this hour of breathing, it is really the music that leads you through and deepens this journey. Starting slowly but working up to a climax with Goa music. During this time one might experience some physical sensations like cramping of the hands. Anshu guides you to breathe through this. What may follow is a flood of emotions; from anger and sadness ending up in excitement and happiness. After the session, your whole body is tingling with energy. Is this a natural high? For us, this breathing practice helped us to come closer to ourselves and let emotions go which were stored in our body. New creative ideas get the space to come up. Quickly after the practice, we felt peaceful, released and very grateful. Anshu is an international yoga teacher, intuitive energy healer, breathwork facilitator, mindfulness coach, mother of two and all around advocate for a joyful healthy living. During the breathing session, she combines all these skills and gives you the unique attention you need at that moment. Do you want to experience this powerful healing technique? You can ask for a private session, or join a group ceremony like her upcoming New Year Revolution Retreat. Breathe in the future and breathe out the past!

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