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Puy du Fou Theme Park – An Unforgettable Experience

Puy du Fou | In the heart of Vendée, France, nestled between Cholet and La Roche-sur-Yon, is the sound of history. In 1977, Philippe de Villiers, a young and curious politician-to-be, discovered the ruins of a renaissance castle.

There, he reimagined the history of a local family named Maupillier, whose story spans from the 14th century to the World War II era-France in the form of an amusement park.

And so, Puy Du Fou was born –– an immersive and vibrant performance medieval theme parks unlike any other.


The main show of the theme park is The Cinéscénie, believed to be the most massive stage in the world.

Cinéscénie show at theme park Puy Du Fou France Medieval park

The Puy du Fou differs from traditional theme parks thanks to its distinct artistic idea and imaginative, creative designs.

The performance is a 700-year history of the area with five languages, 1200 actors, 800 fireworks, and hundreds of real live horses – all of which are performed by volunteers. 

History unfolding in front of your eyes

Exploring the theme park’s ground, there are more experiences to be found, such as The Secret of the Lance, which follows a medieval shepherdess defending her castle from English Knights.

If you want to understand the shows (in your language), we suggest visitors, thanks to the App, a free translation of our shows.

You need to download it, to identify to our WiFi, then when the show starts, you activate the interpretation of the show (think to bring your earphones and obviously to have a battery on your phone)

The Vikings, an immersive show around the life of Vikings, performed with a real underwater longboat.

The Phantom Birds Dance, a mysteriously eclectic show where two hundred birds of prey in ruins fly above the audience.

There is a new time in history for you to step in and an enthralling experience to remember each turn.

Eagle and bird at theme park at Puy du Fou France

Hotels from the past within the Puy du Fou

To extend your journey further into the past, arrange an all-inclusive stay in one of the extravagantly decorated hotels.

On top of that, you can also choose the ambiance you want, ranging from relaxing and comfortable at a Night City hotel to serene and comfortable in the Gallo Roman villa located inside the Puy du Fou theme park.

White Roman door at puy du fou Vendee France

With up to 2.3 million visitors a year, Puy Du Fou also offers unique accommodations.

Stay in a Medieval castle and roam the halls at night, or in an 18th-century lodge for some peace, in a colorful Renaissance camp field, or a water villa.

red and blue roman tens at puy du fou france

For eateries, we recommend their themed restaurants where you can enjoy dishes of the past while being crooned by 18th-century songs or experience La Madelon’s wedding banquet!

The park’s charm lies in its immersive experience and the human quality of the people – performers, behind the scene crews, visitors, travelers, and explorers.

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Puy du Fou Fun for all ages

While adults absorb themselves in the history and culture of yore, children can try out costumes and round on the massive ground, among Kings and Queens, shining knights in armor, and lively peasants.

Puy Du Fou opens every day from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM. The day before you come to Puy du Fou, you can discover on our mobile App « Puy du Fou,» the program of the shows we will present the day after.

Every day they plan a specific schedule according to the number of visitors that they will receive.

Le Puy du Fou – In essence

In French, the Puy du Fou”, “sommet des hêtres” means “top of the beech trees” – this is the sense that you will get once you enter the landscape of greens, tress, lights, color, music, and laughter.

We recommend finding the time to look into Puy Du Fou if you travel to France or Spain (South of Madrid).

This theme park stands out from other parks.

It features memorable shows, impressive accommodations, and immersing you in the historical eras of the past—the perfect setting for an unforgettable getaway with family or good friends.

Reservations in English here – Reservation en Francais ici – Tel: +33.820.09.10.10

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