where there be wisdom

By: Novieta Tourisia
Edited date: November 7, 2022Estimated reading time: 1 minutes


wisdom poems art poetry

What’s in the forest other than integrity?

The whisper of the greenery is

the sounds of cascading waterfalls,

the love songs of elated cicadas play beside hairs of the vines

the voice of the voiceless

What’s in the ocean other than clarity?

The crystal-clear motion is

the bridge for the dwellers to connect

and embrace one another

the kingdom of remaining survivors

What’s in the mind other than austerity?

The powerful sphere of thoughts, inspirations,

that one can lead to expressions, lessons,

to empower one’s surroundings

the seen and the unseen.

Novieta Tourisia is an Indonesian writer and the founder of Maétala Trails. She’s been living in Bali for 3 nonconsecutive years. A locavore and an avid freediver who’s engaged in sustainable tourism, community work, post-conflict development, ecological product design, arts and literature. 

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