water magic: chinese-ginger bath

ginger bath for colds, flu, aches and pains

In this expansive ‘Water Magic’ series, we’ve been exploring how bathing can stimulate the healing process of an internal problem. If this idea seems a tad far-fetched to you, then let us consider the efficiency of an Epsom salt bath, Arnica cream and Tiger Balm in relieving pain. All of these have been part of traditional medicines all over the world, and more commonly known to aid athletes with strained muscles. Ointments that may be applied to the outside of the body have an effect on the inner workings of the body and allow for results to materialize within.

Science considers our skin to be the largest organ of the body; therefore it is fundamental that its breathing and waste excretion capabilities are not stopped in any way. Diseases occur when natural systems do not function correctly. Thankfully, when we look after inner workings we are able to cure an astonishing array of outer afflictions and skin problems. Of course, it isn’t just the substances we place in the bath, but the atmosphere created that holds that additional power. The bath heals the body while the environment revives the spirit!

Ginger is a major ingredient in cooking as well as for medical uses. Its properties are typically known to ease a cold, but also aid stomach upsets and it even holds anti-inflammatory attributes. With a long history of medicinal use in China, where they drink it generally in tea form, ginger is one of the most versatile roots.

Purpose: This bath has worked for many of Mary Muryn’s most sceptical clients, and now they are proud devotees. It is especially great when your joints start acting up, or when that pain is just a little too persistent. Like my own menace, back pain… and last but not least, this is probably the easiest of our bath recipes to source…

Easy Ingredients:

– 1 oz. of powdered ginger or Fresh ginger root for tea

How to:
Pour 3/4 to 1 oz. of the bottled powered ginger into the bathwater. If you have sensitive skin, start with 1/2 oz. and increase after five minutes. You should feel a slight tingle around the genital area, a delicate sensation. We recommend soaking for 20 minutes. You will feel your entire body heating up, the healing warmth permeating every inch of your skin. For severe cases of arthritis, take a fifteen-second cold shower after the bath to lock the ginger heat into your joints.

In terms of ailments such as colds or flu, the ginger will send warmth throughout your entire body and help you to sweat out the toxins. If you feel shaky or dizzy, get out of the tub, for then the ginger has served its purpose.

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