conscious life for scattered minds

Scattered minds, solutions

How many times during your daily rituals do you find yourself scatterbrained? Instead of brushing your teeth, your mind transports you to approaching deadlines, conversations you’ve had or hope to have, or to the post you’re currently writing as you clean those pearly whites. This tendency of the mind to wander uncontrollably is often referred to as the Monkey Mind. Chaos, stress and mistakes can ensue when the mind constantly steals you away from the tasks at hand.

A scene from the Disney movie, The Jungle Book, demonstrates this in a colorful, hilarious way. King Louie and the rest of his monkey kingdom are trying to steal Mowgli away from his guardians which result in the entire kingdom falling to shambles. Similarly, a mind that is scattered constantly steals your attention from the present moment. When not present, people make mistakes (like taking the wrong turn or misplacing their keys), invent stresses which may never come and let the possibility of inner peace fall to shambles.

The fact is that everyone, even the most practiced Yogis and Gurus, fall victim to an unsettled, distracted mind. Yet dedication to a conscious life is one way of taming the Monkey Mind and finding peace. YOGI TIMES launched it’s ‘doing it’ project where they are asking readers to contribute in raising consciousness in their communities and inspire daily fulfillment around the world. 

Look for inspiring ways to make commuting, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating your lunch etc., a tool to finding inner peace. I will be offering the community tips and tactics to achieve peace and purpose through even the smallest of daily rituals, and encourage you to be “doing it” with me and take a step in creating your conscious life.

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