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Sari Organik’s Bodag Maliah Restaurant, a warung/farm style eatery accessible only down a small pathway through the farms and rice fields offers a unique and courageous concept: clean, tasty food grown and farmed locally and sustainably.

The experience begins with a 15-minute walk through the rice fields leading you to the organic farm, from which the kitchen pulls most of its ingredients. Once you have settled into the raised dining area, where cushions and cozy furniture immediately make you feel at home, the extensive and adventurous drinks menu. Try the Pink Treat, a taste explosion of pineapple, apple, mango, mint, beetroot, sweet potato, lemon and honey that swirls together in a gorgeous bright pink mélange. Whether you fancy a simple orange juice or want to broaden your juice horizons, the staff will be able to recommend a drink that will be delicious, and fresh.

The food menu is wide-ranging, with many tasty vegan and vegetarian options.  One aspect of Sari Organik’s mission is their natural food processing, and their dishes use a host of homemade products ranging from jams to soy cheeses. If you are in the mood for something light the menu boasts a colorful array of salads, or for something more filling try one of the delicious vegetarian stir-fries or pasta dishes.  The Tofu Falafel sandwich drenched in a tasty tahini sauce is a happy middle ground. The staff will gladly welcome you into the kitchen to show you some of their raw and healthy recipes and if you feel inspired to take the learning further, they also offer cooking classes.

Dedicated to their mission of establishing organic farming in the area, the owners have preserved the authenticity of the landscape. So while you savor your vegan meal, you will be sharing the spectacular view with chickens, roosters, ducks and other birds as they frolic in the fields! The area showcases the essence of Ubud, the green lush landscape coupled with the relaxing and laidback vibe inspiring an atmosphere of harmony and of peaceful coexistence with the earth. Think of Sari Organik as not just a restaurant but rather as an entire project that supports local farmers, generates organic produce and promotes environmental issues in Bali.

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