naturally fun parties for kids

Kids parties: fun, chaos, and clowns? How about handmade, earth-friendly and fun- yeah, that’s more like it! Anni Daulter and Heather Fontenot bring together pages full of naturally fun celebration for all seasons in this fabulous collection of kids parties, which gives parents distinctive ideas and complete plans to keep those little ones entertained whatever the occasion. All 12 parties are inspired by nature and the seasons, 3 parties for each season. Each one is accompanied by an easy-to follow timeline on how to manage and organize your kids’ party, along with tips and tricks for making every party green, natural and simple. Each party shows real attention to detail on creativity and eco-conscious living. The photography is absolutely stunning and very creative. Awe-inspiring scenes of winter wonderlands and budding springtime will transcend one into a magical wonderland of Pancake PJ, Gratitude and Natural Spa parties, to name a few. This is a perfect gift for any family who enjoy throwing a party – eco style. Also, it can aid as a great inspiration for event planners and party planners who specialize in children’s parties…Or for those of us who can’t let that inner-kid go, this is a perfect addition to your colorful dreamscape. Read next >> top 5 vegan eateries in east london