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Published: 20-01-2018 - Last Edited: 05-09-2023


Many people find that their commitment to their New Year’s resolutions wanes as the excitement of the holiday fades away. You don’t need to look any further than Yogahaven to fulfill one of your resolutions for 2018—rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit through yoga.

This is not just another yoga studio; it is a haven where you can come to keep your resolutions alive and well throughout the year.

Wide-Reaching Network and Individually Tailored Classes

Yogahaven is the perfect oasis for everyone, from beginners attempting their first pose to seasoned yogis mastering intricate asanas. Its state-of-the-art studios are spread across London, Brighton, and Birmingham, making it accessible to yogis of all experience levels.

Those just starting yoga can find peace and comfort in the reassuring embrace of a hot yoga basics class or the calming environment of Yin yoga. Every practitioner can rest assured that they are valued thanks to the direction provided by veterans such as Sunita Devi and Emma Peel.

They are skilled at accommodating individual needs, whether it be injuries or adjustments to alignment, and they create an atmosphere that is welcoming and reassuring for those just beginning their journey with yoga.

Veteran practitioners looking to elevate their practice to a higher level can take classes such as Hot Flow or Power Hour, as the monthly package provides access to various courses.

Beyond the Scope of Yoga

The offerings at Yogahaven extend far beyond conventional classes. Imagine doing yoga in a serene room heated to a comfortable 30 degrees, with the soft glow of candles illuminating the space.

You could also try out Laurent Roure’s one-of-a-kind mindful class on Saturday mornings, which is similar to a yoga party held in pajamas. These sessions are not simply exercises but experiences, each designed to strengthen your body and fortify your mind to prepare you for the next session.

After the session, you can relax and enjoy the spa-like atmosphere of the studios’ various amenities. The combination of a free towel, shower, and shampoo will ensure that you feel revitalized, and the spacious lockers and high-quality hair-drying amenities will add to the overall quality of the experience.

From Avid Follower to Skilled Professional

Allie Hill, founder of Yogahaven and a brand ambassador for Lululemon, has designed a unique yoga teacher training program specifically for individuals interested in delving further into the realm of yoga. It is Hill’s vision, which was crafted after years of refining training structures.

In other words, it is more than just a program. Participants take an intensive two-week course in the picturesque locales of Morocco or Greece, followed by enriching weekends spent in a studio in London. It is not enough to instruct poses; one must also instill in their students the values and principles of yoga.

Accept Yoga, and You Will Accept Yourself

In its most fundamental sense, Yoga Haven isn’t just about doing yoga; it’s about submerging oneself in a holistic way of life. If you want to go from being an enthusiast to being a teacher, or if you want to give yourself the gift of health and tranquility, Allie Hill’s brainchild is undeniably the best place to start.

Within the vast realm of yoga, Yoga Haven shines as a model of superiority, directing and tending to the growth of every spirit that seeks solace within its embrace.

Yogi Times had the pleasure of visiting yogahaven’s Clapham Common studio at 63 Wingate Square, London SW4 0AF (020 8617 0027). The full yogahaven portfolio includes Islington, Richmond, Brighton, Birmingham City and Solihull. 


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