Lourdes Alcalá

My name is Lourdes, and my profession is nursing. My specialty is Mental Health. I have been working in a Mental Health Unit since 1985. Throughout these years, my restless spirit has led me to take an interest in studying the human being in a holistic dimension. That's why I haven't stopped pursuing training in disciplines I found interesting, such as Psychodrama, Mindfulness, bibliotherapy, and Mind-Body Therapies, to incorporate them into my professional practice and personal growth. I am a specialized professional in mind-body therapies, encompassing various disciplines in which I have received training, both in individual and group contexts. I lead an Integrative Health Therapy Center in Mallorca, where we conduct retreats with programs to achieve mental serenity, cultivate emotional health, and promote consciousness elevation. These programs are also oriented towards improving dietary habits and detoxifying the body. Through a personalized approach, specific therapies are designed carefully and tailored to each person's individual needs, following a rigorous and meticulous evaluation and therapeutic design process. In 2021, I achieved distinguished accreditation from the Japanese Federation of Ito Thermie as an instructor for the introductory course in this therapeutic discipline. It hasn't been an easy journey, but has been enriching and full of learning experiences. I am genuinely interested in the person, the human being, with all their strengths and weaknesses. I've been fortunate to have true mentors who didn't intend to be but learned a great deal from whom I didn't plan to be. Awards were a motivation, and presentations, posters, conferences, and workshops were experiences that came and went. However, the emotions shared by so many people daily over the years are what I've held close to my heart and memory, and they are my most outstanding achievements. The most important thing as a professional and as a person is to care from the heart for those around me. Empathy and understanding are the core of life. Additional information that can be included: Lourdes Alcalá Aranda, accredited therapist in Ito Thermie, under the guidance of Master Champaka Yoshie. Member of the Japanese Federation of Ito Thermie and Organizer of Training Workshops in Spain (Mallorca) under the tutelage of Japanese Master Champaka Yoshie, who is accredited to provide training in Europe. As a Teaching Instructor for the Basic Course of Ito Thermie, Lourdes stands out for her individualized approach, where the personal dimension becomes a fundamental axis. The Anti-Stress Retreats she organizes offer the opportunity to recharge and achieve profound relaxation. Each day includes sessions of Ito Thermie Therapy, meditation, macrobiotic nutrition, and personalized therapy designed to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress and emotional management. Personalized and confidential treatment is provided, including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and therapies, with pricing details available through email : or via WhatsApp at +34 619877413. In the Individual Sphere, Lourdes conducts therapeutic interventions in the area of Mental Health, addressing issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, adaptive disorders, psychosomatic disorders, intestinal dysbiosis, chronic pain, decreased concentration and memory, headaches and migraines, lowered immune system, dermatological problems, among others. For Lourdes, Ito Thermie Therapy goes beyond the mere application of techniques. It constitutes a comprehensive approach that adapts to the needs of each individual, restoring lost balance and well-being.

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