Jennifer Ellinghaus

Jenny has been backpacking since 1997 and teaching yoga since 2006 and continues to enjoy learning from her diverse range of students, fellow travellers and the world. She believes there is no one reason to practise yoga and that everyone can benefit from it.

Jenny has a light-hearted approach to teaching, with an emphasis on having fun while developing strength, flexibility, balance (physical and emotional) and stillness. Jenny loves yoga and travellingand hopes to pass these passions on to others. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia – but who knows what the future holds?

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what does kapālabhāti mean

Articles, YOGA 101

what does kapālabhāti mean

Kapālabhāti breath is said to be a heating and detoxifying breath, so much so that...
parivrtta viparita revolved reverse triangle pose? warrior side angle

Articles, YOGA 101

parivrtta – viparita: revolved asana or reverse triangle pose?

Parivṛtta and viparīta – it took me long enough to remember how to spell them...
astanga siva cakras and caturaṅga - what about the h


astanga siva cakras and caturaṅga – what about the h

If you are a practitioner of the style of yoga populariZed by Pattabhi Jois, do...
how to pronounce haṭha

Articles, YOGA 101

do you know how to pronounce haṭha

In my experience in the yoga world, the word ‘haṭha’ is routinely mispronounced as if the first...
vīrabhadra doesn’t mean ‘warrior’!

Articles, YOGA, YOGA 101

vīrabhadra doesn’t mean ‘warrior’!

Once upon a time… when I introduced warrior 3 in one of my classes, at...
women in a yoga pose on a mat in studio kakasana bakasana meaning


bakasana is not the crow!

A little while ago I found out that I was regularly mistranslating a yoga pose...
the yamas and niyamas of travel

Articles, TRAVEL

the yamas and niyamas of travel

There is so much talk about taking yoga off our mats, but it’s easy to...