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About Us

About Us


YOGI TIMES is the Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Yogi. We attract those who are curious and insightful, worldly yet present… independent yet connected.

With our inspiring content, we empower millions of readers around the world to live a more vibrant and conscious lifestyle.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, France and Bali, YOGI TIMES is 100% founder-owned and highly committed to remaining a free and independent media.

In supporting that vision, an entire team of talented individuals come together each month and collectively share their knowledge, creativity, and inspiration to continuously grow this platform you see today.


About 20 years ago, Sophie Parienti and Jess Gabler had an idea. What if there could be a space for the local community to share their knowledge, creativity, and passion around the emerging yoga lifestyle..?

Back when access to yoga, holistic medicine, nutrition, and sustainability was limited, their mission was to make this knowledge accessible to everyone.

This was well before the internet was grooving and Yoga became mainstream. They relied on the involvement and contributions of the local community in its creation – aspiring writers, photographers, Yoga teachers, holistic practitioners and anyone that wanted to enhance people’s lives!

YOGI TIMES was a pioneer, a liberal media that took on the slogan, Lifestyle for the Modern Yogi, because they knew back then that yoga and wellness would become an essential way to stay grounded and happy… and part of our modern life. 

In the form of a small printed newsletter, with just 12 pages in 2 colors, YOGI TIMES – The Los Angeles Newsletter was born. Beautifully called into the world with the help of their best friend and genius talented art director, Kiko Tabuchi.

This free printed magazine shared powerful tips and concepts for living a more conscious lifestyle. YOGI TIMES was designed as an alternative to the esoteric, glamor-less newsprint publications on yoga and wellness of the early 2000s. It gave the seekers and the modern yogis access to the tips and tools for empowerment and growth… all while doing it in style! 

Sophie and Jess love serving the readers with compelling content because inspiring people is in their DNA: Sophie grew up being influenced by her loving mother and grandmother, who surrounded her childhood with books and magazines to feed her soul.

}Jess knew that he always wanted to help and give back on a bigger scale than the small french village he grew up in. And Kiko, well, she is just a genius creator, talented art director, who sees the world upside down. 

With YOGI TIMES, they found that working for themselves was what gave them the freedom to be more creative and adapt quickly to the needs of their community. Within a few months of printing the first issue, and witnessing the infatuation the community had for their little magazine, Sophie and Jess decided to put their passion into growing YOGI TIMES and gave it their full attention.

All while working 2-3 jobs to maintain the printing costs, and keep going. They continued publishing colorful monthly magazines for over 7 years, expanding in Los Angeles and then soon San Francisco.

In 2010, they grew from the printed version to the sophisticated online platform you see today. They are no longer a small 12 page newsletter, but now a multifaceted online independent media group with 13 online city guides.

Serving the modern yogi, the platform also includes, a stylish boutique,, and with co-founder Kimberley Hatherall, a university of online courses & free resources taught by world-class coaches This is how our community and team continues to grow daily.

Has our journey been paved with mistakes, hardship and lots of twists and turns? Absolutely! The journey was not meant to be easy, and there were times we felt disappointed and had to learn to get over it.

We secured some ventures and failed at others. We learnt a lot, and realised those hard times grew us into the company we are today. Most and foremost, all along the way we met the most incredibly talented, creative and amazing human beings. 

One thing stays the same, though: today, as always, our mission is to empower people to be at their highest potential! 


YOGI TIMES has a company culture that sustains a playful, humble, and independent workforce and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Sophie and Jess invite their team members to go beyond their limitations and explore their capacity by creating an atmosphere of trust and creativity.

And, they always welcome supportive community involvement. If you wish to contribute with an article read more here

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