Diane Sherman

Diane, an artist working in various mediums, is committed to the idea that one may alter one's state of mind by creating art, be it dance, prose, or visuals. Her goal is to help individuals rediscover their inner selves and give them a voice through which to share their perspectives on the world.

Spokane, Washington, is where she makes her home base. For as long as I can remember, I've been a seeker, climbing mountains and floating rivers in search of shamans, healers, Buddhist monks, yogis, and priests. I've studied painters, poets, and philosophers to learn anything about the purpose of life, and I've searched within myself for answers.

Situations, decisions, relationships, heartbreak, and tragedy have all been crucial teachers for me. When my dad passed away when I was seven, I first experienced loss. The intensity of my yearning for him and the things I couldn't have made me realize how much I truly missed him. The threads of desire interlaced themselves throughout my existence.

Being an only child forces one to develop skills in self-expression and self-entertainment. I like painting, sketching, and writing because they allow me to explore my imagination and bring my worlds to life. Keeping a journal allowed me to discover new things about myself, share my thoughts and feelings with others, satisfy my natural curiosity, and connect with myself.

I learned how to create new acquaintances by being the "new girl" six times in my school career. As a result, I've become more accepting of others, open to new experiences, and able to request and accept help.

Movement and dance are in my blood and my bones.

Since the beginning of time, I have been a dancer. I have danced in front of flames, at parties, in nightclubs, in the aisles of grocery stores, in the wilderness, on top of mountains, and in my room.

Indeed, life has been action-packed. Happiness-filled to the brim. Distraught to the point of collapse. Expansive to the max. Intense with the will to take the necessary steps toward being my most authentic self, free of mental and emotional distractions, and ready to fully appreciate the experience before me. And whatever that may bring.

Yoga instructors, art teachers,  poetry teachers, spiritual teachers, animal teachers, and plant teachers have all been invaluable to me. As well as a vastly increased number of educators.

Freedom, both personal and political, is my ultimate goal. If not for myself, then for everyone else on Earth. We all follow our hearts as closely as possible and use this life to express who we are.

I am fortunate to be a part of this period of evolving awareness. I pray that you and your loved ones be showered with blessings, experience abundant happiness, and discover satisfying ways to stay connected to one another.

Graduation from JFK University with a Master of Arts in Arts and Consciousness

Graduate of UCLA's Art History program

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