Beth Bluestein

I fell in love with yoga while attending the University of Colorado, exploring many styles and inspired by generous teachers of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power and Jivamukti. Committed to sharing the benefits of yoga with others, I became a registered teacher in 2005, left a corporate media job to follow my passion and never looked back. I believe yoga is truly beneficial for everyone, both individually and socially, because of its unique way of make us stronger and wiser - helping us live courageously and relate more compassionately toward ourselves and others.

As a student and teacher, Yogi Times has always provided me with truth, wisdom and inspiration. I am grateful to be able to give back. More than a job, working for Yogi Times is a chance for me to make a choice that is consistent with my personal values; an opportunity to put my time and talents in service of the worthy and noble cause at its core: To educate and inspire, to raise consciousness, build community and make positive contributions to social change and social harmony.

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The Highest Pass
The Highest Pass