Anurag Lohia

Anurag Lohia is the founder and chief promoter of Divine Wellness, the latest unique initiative of the Lohia Group, a well-known business conglomerate headquartered in North India with interests in machinery, mechanical sub-contracting, textiles, and engineering plastics, and credited for various technological innovations.

Coming from one of Indiaís premier business families, Anurag's entrepreneurial vision and penchant for modern technology is evident in all his endeavours. He has used the same dexterity to drive efforts behind pioneering concepts such as the world's first live yoga classes and live Ayurveda consulting via the internet.

A staunch believer in Hindu scriptures himself, Anurag started practicing yoga at the age of 15 and has spent two months at the Nalanda yoga centre, near Hrishikesh in India, where he learnt about the true power of India's ancient health sciences.  Since then, he has taken several steps in the direction of placing yoga and Ayurveda at their rightful place on the world map.

He also has authored and published a translation of Sri Adi Sankaracharyaís Sanskrit commentary on the Bhagwad Gita. Anurag blogs about health, wellness, medicine, reforms in healthcare, yoga, Ayurveda and related topics.

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