Travis Wernet

Dream Teacher, Author, Breath Worker and Unitarian Universalist Minister.

Travis has worked for 20 years offering online and local groups as well as workshops, ceremonies and private sessions based in inner work. He has a private practice and worked for 10 years in the Community Mental Health Field in Ca.

He has traveled co-leading musical dream ceremonies from Northern India to the Great Pyramids in Egypt and did a coastal tour of Australia. Sound, breath, dreams and music support learning from deep wisdom sources about 'what we don't already know. Workshops featuring these practices have been presented by Travis at International Association for the Study of Dreams Conferences and in Northern Ca He is a musician with three albums to his credit, and articles published in Dreamtime Magazine, Dream Network Journal and Depth Insights E-Zine.

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dreaming, sounding, breathing & creating as vital living doorways to the divine When it comes...