Tracey Fenner

Tracey Fenner - Dancing has been part of Tracey’s life since the age of 3 years. Tracey left home at 16 years to attend the Northern Ballet School in Manchester, England. After extensive classical training she graduated & danced professionally for a number of years. Tracey now has almost 2 decades of teaching experience, traveling extensively worldwide. She is the Founder & Artistic Director of Nia Hong Kong and facilitates transformational Nia class experiences, workshops & retreats around the planet. Tracey has been instrumental in introducing The Nia Technique to Hong Kong, and is currently the only Certified Nia Black Belt in the city. She is the Co-Creator of Aura. One of her desire's is for women around the world to feel incredible from the inside with Nia & from the outside with Aura.

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aura - glow like a goddess

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aura – glow like a goddess

It’s funny sometimes how something so wonderful can be going on and remain a secret...