The Rawkettes

Love at first bite

The Rawkettes are a trio of creative raw food chefs, nutrition experts and chocolatiers, passionate about achieving optimum health through flavorful taste. Community- focused and environmentally conscious, these ladies are the driving force behind Alchemy-Bali-- Ubud´s new hotspot with cool food. Other than running one of Bali´s most cutting-edge eateries, each one of these creative women has a successful track record in supporting big names in the Raw food field such as Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe, and Elaina Love. The Rawkettes are also passionate about sharing the secrets and benefits of a vibrant, nutrition-rich live (super)food diet, through workshop education and consultation.

As health conscious and ethically prepared food advocates, the Rawkettes strive to break ground for a brighter future by facilitating environmentally friendly, and plant-based food options.

For kitchen staff training, melt-in-your-mouth catering services, private consultations, and upcoming workshops, contact The Rawkettes at alchemy bali via e-mail:

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veggie snack with cashew dip

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veggie snack with cashew dip

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