Sunny Sandhu

Atelier Om is a Wellness centre in St Paul de vence. The centre works as a melting point of Tribal Energy. Tribal arts from India merge with the Yogic traditions. It is run by Dr Sunny Sandhu. Dr Sunny Sandhu has studied various different schools of philosophy in India. He was raised in the Sikh tradition of Bhakti. His Maternal ancestor Baba Jalan Das is a Sufi poet. He is influenced by Osho philosophy and He has a degree of Medicine from AIIMS New delhi.He studied Ayurveda,Sujok,Naturopathy,Meditation and SunYoga with Sooryayog Foundation in Kerala from 2007-2011.He studied classical Indian Music under Ustad Asad Ali Khan. 

  His multidisciplinary experiences have helped him in creating simple and effective self transformative and healing methods based on the ancient science of Breath.He has been conducting workshops in India,Malaysia,Italy and France.

  Atelier Om offers Sunny Meditation sessions,courses in Yoga du Son/Naad Yoga,Sujok Healing sessions/Naadi Healing and Active Dance meditations.

The space also exhibits and sells Mystical Tribal Indian art from Gond tribes of Madhya Pradesh, Patua, Warli and Pithora art.


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the mystical energy of saint paul de vence

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the mystical energy of saint paul de vence

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