Stanley Currier

Stanley Currier is an international education specialist, and has studied and worked in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Japan and Lithuania. Outside of work he volunteers with the Children of the Ganges, an NGO serving underprivileged children of Rishikesh, India. His blog Vegetaristan is a resource of healthy recipes for joyous living! 

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on the austerity of speech

bhagavad gita 17.15 anudvega–karaḿ vākyaḿ satyaḿ priya–hitaḿ ca yat svādhyāyābhyasanaḿ caiva vāń–mayaḿ tapa ucyate  …

salad quinoa recipe cashew bowl herbs
Sattvic Quinoa salad with cashews and herbs

a light yogic salad that is gluten-free and vegan This salad is super healthy, easy…

for the children of the ganges
for the children of the ganges

an interview with truike boekholt-daly Some years ago, starting a school for Indian street children…