Spring Groove

Spring Groove is a Singer-Songwriter, Chant Artist, Broadway performer and Yoga teacher internationally delivering MUSICAL MEDICINE.

She is recognized as the chanting troubadour that brings secular and sacred audiences together to sing their hearts open. With over 100 shows a year her concerts meld the influences of Americana folk and Eastern ancient mantra and are described as uniquely authentic, eclectic and uplifting musical experiences. Her Bhakti Vocal Workshop, SING YOURSELF ALIVE is described as empowering, fun and life altering.

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from the bhakti trail ....africa
from the bhakti trail ….africa

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from the bhakti trail…in ireland

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the road to bhaktiā€¦the autobahn
the road to bhaktiā€¦the autobahn

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bhakti tawk

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a return to bhakti beginnings
a return to bhakti beginnings

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from the bhakti trail - barcelona, spain
from the bhakti trail – barcelona, spain

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