I'm Brazilian and after 7 years of experience with consumer behaviour and marketing in Unilever, I’ve decided to leave this traditional corporate world and apply all my experience to help other businesses to grow.

I'm specially interested in helping businesses become more sustainable and I truly want to make the world a better place and help people find and develop their full potential, while I can also evolve with them professionally and personally.

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yoga: origins, etymology, philosophy and benefits
2023년 최고의 온라인 요가 교사 연수 및 인증 프로그램: 12개 학교 소개

집에서 편안하게 이수할 수 있는 요가 강사를 위한 종합적인 자격증 과정을 제공하는 최고의 온라인 요가…

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16 Beste Online-Yogalehrer-Ausbildung Zertifizierung & Schulen im 2023

Nun, da wir alle begonnen haben, die letzten zwei Jahre des Wahnsinns hinter uns zu…