Saskia Vogel

I grew up on the Western-most cliffs of California with the barking of seals at night and a hunger for stories and magazines. They put feminism and fluoride in my drinking water. While I was doing an MFA at USC in Professional Writing, I came across an amazing group of people on the edges of sexuality and wrote a book of their stories. (I’m currently rewriting it.)

Sex, feminism and magazines came together when a job came up at AVN, the Publisher’s Weekly of the adult film industry. In 2008, I moved back to London to do an MA in Comparative Literature at UCL, so I could explore some questions about the construction of the modern concept of sexuality in Vienna 1900 through popular erotic memoir. I now work with stories every day at Granta magazine, as their publicist and events coordinator.

I have written for the Los Angeles Downtown News, Zocalo Public Square, The Erotic Review, and more. The book I’m (re)writing is a Fear of Flying for the 21st century. This blog is a place where I keep crumbs of inspiration, some of my written work, and things I enjoy.

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the future of living


the future of living

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